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Mission Statement

It is the mission of Viveros Financial Services to build lifelong relationships with my clients by helping them take control of their financial futures.

The interests of my clients are placed above all other considerations. Counseling is tailored to the particular needs and objectives of each individual client.I seek clients with whom I have shared values.I conduct myself with integrity in every aspect of my profession, realizing that my reputation is my most valuable asset and if lost, is irreplaceable. I measure my success in terms of clients’ investment objectives being met.


Why Viveros Financial Services

The foundation of a truly successful business is built on values. Knowledge, experience, dependability and integrity are the values that imbue every one of my client relationships. The most important aspect of my professional service is not anything written on a piece of paper.  It is partnering with my clients in guiding them to achieve their lifetime goals.  My value is reflected in my clients’ success in reaching their goals.


Why You Should Do Business With My Firm

What I offer at Viveros Financial Services is tohave aplace where my clients can feel secure with their investments and have stablereturns on which they can depend.  My investment philosophy focuses on what I believe are high quality and fundamentally sound investments.

I aim to serve my investors through transparency, integrity and excellence and to operate with prudence, financial discipline, andcommitted performance.




Jack E. Viveros
Financial Engineer

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