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Trees are beneficial for many reasons including cleaning our air, protecting homes from the sun and wind, and reducing the impact of rain by reducing the amount of run-off into creeks and streams.  Another benefit of trees that is most often overlooked is that they save money.  In a recent study of the urban forest of Austin, Texas, it was found that the trees of Austin contributed to more than $133,000,000 of annual savings.  The study was based on the forest’s impact on the improvement in air quality, reduction in stormwater run-off, and energy savings resulting from the shade provided by trees.

Regardless of your area, Tarrant Consulting Arborists can be found by searching Arborist Tarrant County, Arborist Fort Worth, Arborist Southlake, and Arborist Colleyville.

Homeowners can reap the economic benefits of trees with lower air conditioning costs from the shade of trees, and lower heating costs when trees block high winds.  Trees also increase in value from the time they are planted until they mature, and improve property value. 

  • Social Benefits
    • Observing the beauty of trees makes life more pleasant. 
    • Studies have shown that hospital patients recover from surgery more quickly when in a room with a view of trees. 
    • Communities often come together to save trees from removal for urban development
  • Communal Benefits
    • The size of trees allow their benefits to extend to other properties than the one in which they are planted.
    • City trees allow for privacy, emphasize structures, or provide an urban oasis by blocking views of buildings.
  • Environmental Benefits
    • Trees moderate the climate by reducing the effects of sun, wind and rain.
    • Air quality is improved when leaves absorb carbon dioxide as well as dust and other particulates.
    • Attraction of birds and other wildlife

Trees are most beneficial when they are maintained. Tarrant Consulting Arborists have the knowledge and equipment needed to prune, spray, fertilize, and maintain all trees and shrubs on your property.  Please check out the services tab on the website to learn more about what TCA offers.

Why Should You Use Us?

Longevity:  We have been in the tree care and landscape industry since 1973.  We became totally involved with the tree care industry in 1998.  First-hand knowledge of how trees and plants interact in the urban landscape, has been invaluable.

Knowledge:  We acquired the designation of certified arborist from the International Society of Arborists in 2002.

Experience:  Our crews have many years of hands-on experince.  For example, our lead climber has over 20 years experience and has been with us since 1998.

Services:  We have always strived to provide every service our customers need.  From maintenance pruning, to removals, to cabling and installing rods in cracked stems, to spraying for insects and disease, to tree installation, we do it all.  Can any company correctly "do it all"?  Yes, with proper supervision and training.

Owner involvement:  I don't know of any experienced tree service in North Texas that has the same level of owner involvement as Tarrant Consulting Arborists.

Testimonial -
We have used your service many times. When something needs attention you are very good to tell us and take quick action with excellent follow up. The one benefit that we have valued most is your immediate care in emergencies and treatments of special problems.Your knowledge of tree care is excellent and several trees have been saved due to your care and attention. - Jean Roach, Fort Worth

You assume "NO RISK" when using our services. If you are not happy with anything, let us know we will gladly redo it. If you still are not happy, you do not owe us one cent for items in question. Not one dime! It's that simple.

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Tarrant Consulting Arborists is a specialty tree company serving residential, commercial and municipal customers in the Greater Fort Worth and Tarrant County area. The company was founded by Don Threatt as DFW Tree Care in 1973, and has provided tree services for North Texas and West Palm Beach, FL area. The company name was changed to Tarrant Consulting Arborists in 2007, to more accurately reflect our expertise in various areas of tree care.

Arborist Fort Worth

Arborists Fort Worth

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Tree Diseases Fort Worth

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Tree Services Fort Worth

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