Mission Statement

Finding Hope Seminars

Dedicated to helping terminally ill patients, families, and friends find God’s healing presence in their suffering. Helping all to find hope and meaning in terminal illness.

Why You Should Attend My Seminars And Buy My Book ---

The upcoming death of a loved and friend is a spiritually painful experience. The terminally ill patient and family will always ask, “God, why me?” “Why are you punishing me.” People in their grief are not aware of God‘s healing presence in their suffering. My Seminars and book will to help people find God’s Healing Presence and enable them to find hope and meaning. I ministered to over 1000 terminal patients their families, and friends.

What Makes Me Different ---

I am a man who life’s journey taught me God’s loving presence in all creation. I experienced and suffered many close deaths in my life. My mothered died when I was 12 years old. In those days, mental health and spiritual counseling were virtually non-existent. My grandmother died 2 years later. In 1974, when I was 22 years old, my 34-year-old uncle John died from complication due to juvenile diabetes. I witnessed the suffering my grandparents and stepmother after John’s death. I suffered the loss of several shipmates and friends in aircraft accidents throughout my naval career. When I deployed to Bermuda in 1982 my 18-year-old cousin Steven drowned. My son, Andrew died in 1987 of SIDS at 21 months old. I did not grieve well at all. The sorrow I could not comprehend at my uncle’s death was now my reality, my nightmare. My wife’s father died of Multiple-sclerosis in 1990. Both my maternal grandparents died before I retired from the Navy in 1990. I entered the seminary 1992. My Father died of Colon Cancer in 1995 before I graduated. My wife’s mother died of Stage IV Breast Cancer in 2005. I journeyed with over 1000 patients, their families, and friends over the last 20 years. My personal and professional experience with death and the terminal ill enables me to identify and empathize with those suffering from a terminal illness. My goal is to help them find hope and meaning in terminal illness.


About This Video ---

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