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Our Services Sunday Morning:
9:00-9:50am - Sunday School

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Opportunities for Guidance, Growth and Spiritual Gifts

We pray your worship and praise experience here at The CREST Church is enlightening and is enjoyable.

In His Service

Senior Pastor Stephen Drake


Youth Church – These classes are structured to offer our children and youth ( 7 to 18 years ) biblical studies, arts & crafts and learning exercises to prepare them to experience freedom and comfort in our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus.

Music Ministries – is under the direction of Tanya Drake. We’re seeking new singers as well as musicians.

Adult Choir ages 16 and up. This group meets every Tuesday from 8:15 – 10:00pm.

Point Men – an expanding group of men & sons (10 and up) who meet monthly for the sole purpose of leading their families to the Kingdom. Here men study, share, encourage and challenge themselves to be all they can be in God’s Army! They meet every 3rd Saturday.

Women of Grace – our flourishing Ministry of women & daughters (10 & up) seeking the “Will of God” for their lives. Meet once a month. The ladies participate in a time of crafts, Bible study and a light lunch. Childcare is provided. There are outings and festivities to inspire, motivate, cultivate and encourage our women to receive and achieve all the blessings that God has for a Woman of Grace.”

Media Ministries – a team who prepare and operate the media for Sunday worship.

Education Ministry – centered around changing lives through the study and application of God’s word, as well as developing through personal sharing and encouragement by others in Christ. If you are interested in serving in this ministry, teachers meet once a month.

Security - A team of men who provide security during church services and events.

Children’s Church – The foundation for youngsters to grow in Christ begins here. Children( 2 to 7 years ) hear Bible stories, Christian music and enjoy age-appropriate videos and activities.

Growing Steps – The foundation for youngsters to grow in Christ begins here. Children hear Bible stories, ( 6 weeks to 5 years ) Christian music and enjoy age-appropriate videos and activities.

Praise Dance Ministry – All ages are encouraged to demonstrate physical expression of praise and worship with choreographed movement, music and song.


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